Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald: Positive vibrations


In his blog, Dr. Fitzgerald discusses the benefits of a positive attitude.

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Positive vibrations

What is it about a man or a woman that you meet that makes him or her likable and attractive? In a recent survey by the American Association of Clinical Psychologists, the trait that appealing people have in common, the one thing making them most attractive is a confident, positive attitude. They are upbeat. They are positive. They are easy to be around. We naturally recoil from negative people, from whiners and chronic complainers. An interesting thing about both positive and negative attitudes is that they appear to be contagious among people. Studies in closed, closely working groups have shown that attitudes toward employers and co-workers regarding politics and race can be transmitted among closely associated people. Similarly, a recent study on client relations concerning physicians found that patients were twice as likely to consider their office visits worthwhile if their physician was confident, positive, and empathetic.

How do you come across to your clients and staff? Grouchy? Distracted? Think of the five people you like best. Chances are that the one thing they all have in common is a positive attitude. You feel good after interacting with them. To them a glass half-full is just an opportunity to refill the glass. They aren't down; they seem in control of their surroundings. They smile and seem to be having fun.

We cannot control our lives and the things that life throws at us. All that we can control is how we respond to life's challenges and the energy that we create around each situation. Be the positive hub at your hospital. Put some joy and fun back into your work. Compliment co-workers, sympathize with clients, and put yourself in the shoes of others. Make seven people's days better. It costs nothing to be kind. We choose how we act and how we appear to others. How do you appear? Be Bob Marley! Bounce to sunny rhythms in your heart. Stop being the whiner that reminds everyone of fingernails on a chalkboard!

You are responsible for your own happiness. A positive attitude can be learned and practiced. By focusing on this, you will improve your work environment, the lot of your clients and co-workers, and your enjoyment of your own labors. Do something positive today.

See you next week, Kev

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