Don't drink and purchase pets


A new ban in New York City will hopefully put an end to drunken puppy-buying.

A few of your veterinary clients may have done some things they regret after one too many cocktails—but do you think they’ve ever purchased a pet while under the influence? Well, you won’t have to worry about them making that mistake again, at least not in New York. According to a recent article in The Washington Post, two pet stores in New York’s West Village have banned people who may be under the influence of alcohol from buying pets. Fernanda Moritz, manager of Le Petite Puppy, says patrons are leaving nearby bars after happy hour and wandering into her store to gawk at and sometimes purchase pups.

Moritz says one time she sold a Chihuahua to a possibly drunk woman who brought the dog back the next day almost dead. Moritz took the Chihuahua to the veterinarian, who found five pills in the dog’s stomach. Luckily, the dog survived but Moritz wants to ensure the pets in her store are never put in that situation again.

Leandro Jacoby, manager of a nearby pet store called Citipups, has instituted a similar ban. He prevents impulse buys by asking drunk customers to come back the next day to make their puppy purchase. Most don't. Click here to read about another ban intended to protect pets from irresponsible owners.

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