Dogs in the workplace boost morale, study says


Whether they're patients or team members' pets, the dogs in your veterinary clinic might just make you a happier person.

Sure, they may occasionally leave a puddle on the floor or get a little too rowdy in the reception area, but the dogs in your veterinary clinic probably do more good than harm. In fact, they could help you and your co-workers work together more effectively.

According to a new Central Michigan University (CMU) study, dogs in the workplace can help promote teamwork and boost morale. The researchers gathered four groups of people, who were asked to create a fake advertisement and critique their teammates' ads. Some groups worked while a dog wandered around the room.

Afterwards, each group member rated his or her colleagues. The groups who worked with a dog in the room gave their teammates higher scores for trust, team cohesion, and intimacy than those who worked in a dogless environment.

In another CMU experiment, each group member was charged with a fake crime and was given an opportunity to turn in teammates or stand by them. Those with dogs around were 30 percent less likely to snitch on the others.

Do your team members frequently bicker and gossip? Perhaps it's time for you all to take a little more time to interact with your canine patients.

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