Dogs and staff at Seattle dog resort safely escape fire


Staff executed evacuation plan successfully and received help from the fire department, animal control, and community members

This past Wednesday, February 1, 2023, a fire occurred at Dog Resort Lake City in Seattle, Washington and fortunately, resulted in the successful emergency evacuation of all employees and dogs in the building.

 Sergey /

Sergey /

According to a company release,1 the team took quick action to ensure the safety of all on premise, clearing dogs from the building while gathering assistance from first responders. Help from the Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Animal Control, and community members, enabled Dog Resort Lake City to accomplish a thorough evacuation and contained all the pups, with no casualties.

"I'm so proud of my staff for executing the fire evacuation protocol so competently,” expressed Mona Elassiouti, CEO of Dog Resort Lake City, in the release. “It caused every single dog in our care to be evacuated, accounted for, safe and healthy. A building is just a building, at the end of the day. What we care for most are the dogs and the staff, and we are really grateful everyone is OK."1

The dogs were cared for at alternate locations until they could be returned to their owners. All boarding dogs were transported to the Sodo location for the rest of their stay. Dogs that needed veterinary care are reported to be doing well at home, having fully recovered, and some are even back attending daycare at the Sodo location.

Dog Resort Lake City is currently running all its operations out of its Sodo location. Until further notice, all pre-existing reservations will be honored there.

Donations can be made to Dog Resort Lake City at


Hit with fire, dog resort lake city in Seattle, WA completes successful evacuation and transport of all dogs to alternate locations. News release. The Dog Resort. February 7, 2023. Accessed February 8, 2023.

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