Dog of Dallas Ebola patient will not be euthanized, authorities say


Health officials have quarantined and will monitor dog and amid concerns surrounding deadly virus.

As health officials went to decontaminate the Dallas apartment of female health worker Nina Pham, 26, who tested positive for Ebola this weekend in Dallas, steps had to be taken to care for her dog as well. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has made a point to say publically that the exposed dog-a 1-year-old King Charles Spaniel named Bentley-would not be euthanized; last week Spanish health authorities chose to euthanize an Ebola patient's dog out of concern dogs might spread the disease.

While the infected healthcare worker receives treatment, Rawlings says health officials will keep the dog in a safe, isolated place where the pet can be monitored. The pet's owner is the first person to have contracted the Ebola virus in the United States since the outbreak began in West Africa in late August. She works at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and provided care to disease victim Thomas Eric Duncan, who became ill after arriving in Texas from Liberia Sept. 20.

International public outrage ensued after the Spanish dog, Excalibur, was euthanized. Many public health officials spoke out against the decision, stating it would have been more beneficial to monitor the dog. Rawlings has said there are no plans to euthanize the dog but that it will be quarantined as there may be a risk that the dog, if infected, could spread the disease. The hope is that the dog and the owner can eventually be reunited.

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