The DKC Veterinary ClinicFrom trials to triumphs


Red tape slowed down this Dubai clinic, but couldnt stop their dream.

In this-their first new-hospital build-the folks at Dubai Kennels & Cattery (DKC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, rented a brand-new lease space in Motor City, Dubai, that required a complete buildout and hired our firm for design. Plans for the 3,300-square-foot facility included a spacious reception area, four exam rooms, a one-table surgery suite, radiology, an ICU, a small isolation ward, a centralized treatment space, laboratories, a pharmacy and wards for dogs and cats.


It was be a tight squeeze, but one filled with potential. Unfortunately, after the planning submittal was completed, the hiccups began.

“We've heard from many other businesses with similar nightmarish experiences”

Bureaucracy exists everywhere it seems, and DKC ended up paying rent on their building space for six months before they finally received their construction permit. By the time the clinic opened, DKC had been paying rent for 18 months.

Five months into the build, DKC needed to fire its original contractor, who turned out not to have the skills necessary to complete work on this complex building. It took two months to find a suitable replacement. Sadly, significant parts of the original contractor's work needed to be ripped out and redone, causing more delays and costing DKC quite a lot in additional funds from lost time and materials.

“The amazing thing about all this is that we've heard from many other businesses with similar nightmarish experiences,” says Todd Carson, DKC's managing partner. “So many people we've talked to just shrugged their shoulders sympathetically and  said,  ‘That's Dubai, for you.'”

Finally a grand opening

DKC's second contractor did everything they could to help the veterinary practice out of a bind. The contractor supplied new materials at cost, kept labor rates as low as possible and allowed DKC to pay off the construction bill over several months post-completion and once revenue was being generated.

And the grand opening was grand indeed. DKC boasts a veterinarian who specializes in diagnostics, internal medicine and critical care, and the practice will soon be joined by an orthopedic surgeon. With the largest hospital in the region and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, they are the region's new leaders in diagnostic capability and veterinary medicine.

Click through the following pages to see the floor plan and photos of the new facility. 


The floor plan

View of the floor plan. Click here for a larger image.


Entry and front garden

View of the entry and front garden.


Reception and waiting

View of the waiting and reception area.


Waiting and retail

View of the retail area.


Exam room 

View of an exam room.


Treatment area 

View of the treatment area.



View of the outdoor garden.


Clinic at night 

View of the clinic lit up at night.

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