Design changes veterinary practice owners would make


If they had to do it all over again, this is what our 2014 Merit Award-winning hospital owners would do differently with their facilities.

More space

"Bigger exam rooms." -Lori Reisig, Littleton West Animal Hospital

"A larger surgery suite." -Michael Weigand, Terra Vista Animal Hospital

"More space and parking for future expansion." -Mark and Danielle Paradise, NorthPaws Veterinary Center

"More storage space in The Pet Hotel." -Chad and Stephanie Bailey, Cleveland Road Animal Hospital

"More luxury rooms." -Michael Geraghty, Veterinary Medical Center of St. Lucie County

"We would've built 4,000 square feet bigger." -Anthony Kremer, Jason Jacobson and Michael Buedel, Oswego Animal Hospital

Noise reduction

Better noise reduction for the stress of workers and animals could have been attained. -John Ensign, Boca Park Animal Hospital

"An expanded focus on sound control." -Mary Ann Hittle, Martin Heindel and Murray Hurlburt, Appanasha Pet Clinic

Better materials

"Originally we had selected a textured, colored epoxy coat over the floor and as the base, but we eliminated it based on budget. I'd add it back in!" -R.B. Lowe, Rowan Animal Clinic

More greenery

"We would have kept more of the original trees and foliage that were on the property." -Jennifer DiTrapani-Gimbal and Nathan Gimbal, Morningside Animal Hospital

And the most interesting answer of all...

"Everyone seems to ask this as if it will help them prevent the same mistake. It is my observation that each project has its own little problems that one wishes they could have anticipated and prevented. At this time, there is nothing I would change." -Ann Brudvik, Woodhaven Veterinary Clinic

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