Compensating doctors fairly-both owners and associates (Proceedings)


Production is defined as fees generated and collected for services the doctor is formally involved in the delivering.

I. Three options

     A. Salary

     B. Production

     C. ProSal

II. Salary - yearly salary plus benefits

III. Production

     A. No guaranteed base

     B. Percentage of production: 18-25%

          1. What determines percentage?

          2. Total compensation statement

IV. Prosal

     A. Guaranteed base

     B. Based on percentage of the doctor's production

     C. Let's look at how the method of compensation is applied

V. Definition of production

     A. Examples

     B. Products and services not included in production

     C. Different percentage for products and services

VI. Set up two doctor provider codes

     A. One for the doctor and the second for "Dr. Jones-Rx"

VII. Benefits

     A. Health insurance

     B. Continuing education

     C. Dues, license, etc.

     D. Vacation

     E. PTO

     F. Retirement plan

     G. Life insurance

     H. Personal veterinary services

     I. Other

VIII. Take the mystery out of doctor production

     A. What's included in doctor production?

          1. Be specific

          2. Be consistent

          3. Be a role model

          4. Be a coach

     B. What you can do to improve production with Associates –

          1. Set expectations

          2. Mentoring

          3. Videotaping

          4. Set practice standards of care

          5. Use an employment contract

          6. Assure team training and leveraging

          7. Align the schedules

          8. Charge for all services and products

          9. Update the fee schedule regularly

          10. Develop skills

          11. Evaluate technology and expansion

          12. Do not allow sharks in the tank!

Total Compensation Statement

Crediting Doctor Production

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