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Communication and conflict resolution (Proceedings)


How to work together more effectively with a new employee, on a team, in conflict, and with a tough boss.

How to Work Together More Effectively . . .

  • with a new employee

  • on a team

  • in conflict

  • with a tough boss

Learn to foster a team oriented work environment that increases productivity, profitability and efficiency. Happy employees are more productive employees. As the team sees higher productivity, the practice will recognize more success. We'll explore realistic team scenarios as we learn to work together more effectively.

The New Employee

Determine how a job, position, or role needs to be fulfilled. It begins with good planning. Define behavioral expectations for specific roles. This helps employees to understand your expectations. And, it is ideal for management coaching, performance review support, team building and personal development.

When employees understand role expectations and are provided with proper training and a supportive environment, they can meet the needs of the practice. Be specific with your expectations. Provide an environment that is positive and encouraging of each individual.

The Team

Adjust your style for each co-worker, according to what works for them:

  • Direct, to the point and results oriented

  • Friendly and emotionally honest

  • Relaxed, agreeable, cooperative and appreciative

  • Minimize socializing, give details and value accuracy

Each team member is motivated by a different style of behavior. Learn what motivates each individual and be effective in working with each person by adjusting your style of behavior to meet their needs. This is a fun challenge, and the rewards are a peaceful work environment.

Treat people the way that they like to be treated!

In Conflict

Wouldn't it be great to have NO conflict in your work environment? This is a wonderful thought, but quite unrealistic in the regular work day. We will discuss how we each behave in conflict:

  • DEMAND – goal: victory

  • EXPRESS – goal: acknowledgement

  • COMPLY – goal: harmony

  • WITHDRAW – goal: justice

Provide "Open Door" blocks of time. Provide a safe and supportive environment for communication. Encourage employees to describe how things could be better. Listen. Empathize. Consider the conflict. Take a moment to hear issues. Ask how can we make this a better workplace? Create a solution oriented atmosphere.

Criticism is more valuable than praise! "Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

A Tough Boss

The boss has a great impact on the work environment. She affects the team attitude and productivity daily. What can you do to create a more harmonious environment when the boss is a tough boss? Often, there are things that can be done to work with a tough boss. First, we seek to understand.

Understand the goals and priorities for your boss. Does the boss avoid conflict? Does the boss have such high expectations that they can not be met? Does the boss talk too much in the examination room, that the clients in the lobby suffer long wait times? Or, does your boss act as a raging bull, catching team members doing things wrong and publicly announcing inadequacies?

Each of these bosses can be a challenge. We can work more effectively with each style of boss, by better understanding, appreciating and valuing their role of effectiveness on the team.

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