Clip to nip waiting room boredom


Make time fly.

We try not to make our clients wait too long in the exam rooms, but it does happen occasionally. To solve waiting boredom and educate clients, we put a cork board in each exam room filled with magazine articles or interesting tips pertinent to the season. We rotate these article clips once every two weeks to keep them fresh, fun, and interesting.

—Hanna Mudder, CVT

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital

Sheridan, Wyo.

Collar your mess

If you're sick and tired of seeing plastic Elizabethan collars piled in the corner, put some towel hooks to work. Install a row of them along one wall and hang the collars on the hooks according to size. This simple solution gets the collars off the floor, and it's easy to maintain.

—Jessica Stuart, CVT

Essex Veterinary Center

Essex, Vt.

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