Client happiness is a reasonable wait at your veterinary practice


Remember Charlie Brown's friend Linus? He was famous for saying, "Happiness is a warm blanket." But for many pet parents, the source of true happiness is a short wait at their pet's veterinary visit.

A recent VHMA Insider's Insight survey polled respondents about how waiting is addressed in their practices. The majority-59 percent-reported that the practice doesn't track client wait times.

How long is too long?

According to a national study of the veterinary industry, patients wait an average of 17 minutes before seeing a veterinarian. VHMA respondents were asked how long their clients will wait before their patience is tested. The results: respondents reported their clients have a low wait time threshold. Seventy percent reported that after less than 15 minutes of waiting, clients become irritated.

Creating a stress-free environment

Almost all practices surveyed have introduced strategies to reduce waiting room stress. Ninety percent believe honesty is the best policy. These respondents strive to inform and update clients about delays that affect scheduled appointments. 


Seventy-four percent noted that if a strong bond between the client and veterinarian exists, clients are more likely to abide long wait times.

Waiting may be hard, but with proactive measures in place practices can reduce stress levels for clients-and for patients.

Click here for a quick quiz to test your team on your practice's wait times.

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