From Chile to chill parenting: Where Dr. David Bruyette draws inspiration and enjoyment


Dr. Bruyette may like his adventures and ambitions to be big, but when it comes to veterinary patients, he prefers small.

Dr. Bruyette and his wife Maya on a trip to Chile. (All images courtesy of Dr. Bruyette)Living large

When I applied to vet school, I didn't really grasp the whole non-cat-and-dog side of it. So as I started to go through the curriculum, I quickly tried to negotiate my way out of anything having to do with large animal. My plan failed. I think the food animal people, because of my known “love” for the topic, had me spend more time preg checking cows than necessary. I think that was their way of saying, “OK, you're never going do it again, so you're gonna spend a lot of time doing it over the next eight weeks.”

Dr. Bruyette and Sir, "the greatest cat ever." | Sitting at Frank Sinatra's table on his birthday with his favorite drink.Stream of consciousness

One of the most memorable trips I've been on was a continuing education meeting in Chile. I went whitewater rafting for five days on the longest stretch of classified rapids in the world. We would raft all day, and then every night we had really nice dinners and a lot of wine before staying in wall tents. Hiking up Machu Picchu is still on my list.

Cigar aficianado

I would love to learn how to roll my own cigars. I like the whole ambience of the cigar-the smell of it, the taste of it-and sitting around smoking a cigar is very relaxing. Watching people who really know how to roll a cigar and listening to them explain the various parts of making a cigar takes my interest to a whole new level. I think sitting around and making cigars looks like a lot of fun ... and then, eventually, you sample your hard work, of course.

You. Can. Do. This!

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Dr. Bruyette's mini Dodgers fan, Ivy. | Showing some love to a decidedly large animal in Thailand.Small animals and small people

I have a 28-year-old and a 25-year-old and now a 10-month-old. Going back to having a baby again has been quite enlightening, because most of the things I'd forgotten about all came roaring back. But on the positive side, to be able to experience all of those things again while in a different phase of life has been interesting. The experience has been really different but really good. I'm way more relaxed now that I know babies don't spontaneously blow up in the middle of the night.

Early indoctrination

My daughter has already had her Dodger outfit on, so she'll be headed down the path of Dodger baseball. She's looking forward to spring training.

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