Celebrity guest Bill Self motivates crowd at 9th annual animal health industry dinner


University of Kansas mens basketball head coach applies theme of teamwork, talent to the work being done in the veterinary profession.

University of Kansas men's basketball coach Bill Self.Speaking to a crowd of more than 850 animal health industry professionals, Bill Self, head coach for the University of Kansas men's basketball team, reminded everyone, “The best players don't guarantee a win. The players that play the best together give you the best chance to win.”

In an evening with the theme “Talent and Teamwork,” Self's inspirational words applied not only to basketball, but also to the work being done in the animal health industry. He spoke of the importance of recruiting talented individuals to be a part of the industry's “team,” of having a product that people want to be a part of.

But even more important than recruiting a talented team, Self emphasized the need for teamwork-and that includes weathering the hard times together. “The reason we won the national championship in 2008 is because we failed as a team together earlier in the season,” he said. “When we were under pressure, down nine points with two minutes left in the championship game, we didn't change our strategy. We knew we'd come this far-we might as well finish the job.”

That strategy hasn't changed in subsequent seasons, either. Self continues to aim for success each year by recruiting new talent, focusing on strengthening team bonds and having plenty of patience-goals he recommends that the industry embrace as well. “This is an impressive group here tonight,” he said. “There's a lot to do and offer in the Midwest. Do things right now so you can get a win in the future.” 

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