Cat circle traps demystified


We tested the latest Internet phenomenon to try to catch a cat.

It's long been established cats are drawn to boxes. But circles?

Hypothesis: Cats are helplessly attracted to circles.

To test, we decided to attempt to make our own cat trap.

First, we made contact with cat. Cat showed the amount of enthusiasm one would expect for the project.

Following the directions we found here, we carefully constructed our somewhat circularly themed trap.

Cat bait-ham, according to the test subject's personal preference-was seeded inside of the circle.

After a few customary glares at the paltry rationing of cat bait, cat reluctantly ceded her dignity enough to enter the circle of shame and eat the ham.

Researchers were rewarded with one parting glare before cat exited the circle-never to return again.

Have you tried a cat circle trap? What were your results? And what did you do once you caught your cat? Submit your picture here or share your comments below. (To comment, just register for free on our site here and be sure you are logged in.)

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