Case 8



Misou is an 8-year-old, spayed female domestic shorthaired cat.


Misou's owners report that she has not been eating well for two weeks and stopped eating five days ago. They have not seen any vomit or diarrhea, but they can't be sure since Misou goes out into the backyard to urinate and defecate. The owners think she has lost weight. She doesn't have any previous medical problems, is not receiving medications, and her vaccination status is current. She lives with one other cat that appears to be healthy.

Physical examination findings

  • Temperature = 99.8 F, Pulse = 178 beats/min, Respiratory rate = 40 breaths/min

  • Weight = 6.7 lb; this is your first time seeing her, so you have no previous weight history.

  • BCS = 3/9

  • Misou is quiet but alert.

  • She is about 5% to 7% dehydrated.

  • Mucous membranes are pale and jaundiced

  • Sclerae and pinnae are jaundiced

  • Heart and lungs sound normal

  • Abdominal palpation findings are normal

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