Case 7



Roscoe is a 3-year-old castrated male German shorthaired pointer (and Mr. Smith's favorite hunting dog).


Roscoe was presented to your hospital today because he has been intermittently vomiting over the last week. The vomiting doesn't seem to be associated with eating, and hematemesis is not noted. The owners report that sometimes Roscoe brings up only white foam, while at other times a small amount of undigested food is present. His appetite has been slightly decreased, but he is still eating. Roscoe's water intake is normal, and he has not experienced diarrhea, coughing, or sneezing.

Roscoe has always been healthy, but he did have surgery two years ago to remove a gastric foreign body (part of a tennis ball). The owners are not aware of anything he has chewed on recently, and no toys are missing.

He lives with one other dog that is doing well. He receives a monthly heartworm preventive but no other medications. He eats an over-the-counter maintenance dog food.

Physical examination findings

  • His temperature is 100.5, his pulse is 60 beats/min, and he is panting.

  • His weight is 52 lb (about the same weight he was at his annual visit four months ago).

  • He is quiet (not his normal self) but alert.

  • His gums are pale pink and tacky, and his capillary refill time is about three seconds.

  • No nasal or ocular discharge is noted.

  • Thoracic auscultation reveals no abnormalities. No pulse deficits are identified.

  • His abdomen is tense but doesn't appear to be painful on palpation.

  • He has a BCS of 5/9 and a normal coat.

  • The remainder of examination findings are unremarkable.

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