Case 7


All goes well at home. While receiving his daily prednisone dose, Roscoe is a new dog and there is no more vomiting.

About six weeks later Roscoe presents to you as an emergency appointment because he has been vomiting all night and is becoming lethargic. The owners tried to give him additional prednisone, but he threw it up.

A physical examination reveals that Roscoe is lethargic and dehydrated but his temperature, pulse, respiration, and all other findings are normal.



What is your initial diagnostic plan for Roscoe? (There is more than one correct response.)

a) Perform an abdominal radiographic examination.

b) Draw blood for a CBC and complete serum chemistry profile, including electrolytes.

c) Repeat the ACTH stimulation test.

d) Increase the prednisone dose, administer subcutaneous fluids, and send Roscoe home.


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