Case 3



Harley is a 7-year-old 52-lb castrated male Labradoodle.


Harley is seeing you today because his owner has noticed that he asks to go outside more frequently to urinate. When they go on walks, Harley doesn't strain to urinate; he postures normally, and his urine has no strange odor or color. He appears to have a normal urine stream as well. Two other dogs are in the house, so the owner is unsure whether Harley's water intake has increased.

Harley takes 50 mg of deracoxib once a day for osteoarthritis and eats a store brand dry dog food. His appetite is normal, and the owner has not seen any vomiting or diarrhea. There is no known toxin exposure. His weight is stable, according to the owner.

Physical examination findings

• BAR, T - 100.3 F, P - 72, RR - panting

• Oral examination - mild dental disease, pink gums, slightly tacky mucous membranes

• BCS 5/9

• Rest of examination is unremarkable  

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