BizQuiz: Is your practice a great place to work? (Answer 2b)


Taking the BizQuiz? This is the answer to question 2 of "Is your practice a great place to work?"

2) B—OK.

It’s good that your boss is a decent fellow, but it’s bad that there are bad apples in your practice’s apple barrel. You may work with any of the four problem team members or bosses described in Robert Sutton’s book The No-A**hole Rule: rage-aholics who lose their tempers, glarers who stare at you and make no attempt to hide their contempt, jokesters who tease you in a mean-spirited way, or sabotagers who are nice to your face but undermine you when you leave the room. These problems don’t go away if you ignore them, so it’s best to confront them. See "How to beat a bully."

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