BizQuiz: Can you spot employee theft?


How familiar are you with veterinary employee theft and strategies for addressing it? Test yourself.

1. Which of the following is considered employee theft?

A. Taking a quick nap during work hours

B. Helping yourself to a few supplies

C. “Borrowing” money from petty cash

D. All of the above


2. When employee theft is suspected, the next step should be:

A. File a police report

B. Document concerns

C. Confront the employee

D. All of the above


3. If the evidence is indisputable, your options are:

A. Ask the employee to resign

B. Fire the employee

C. Require to employee to help the practice recover the loss

D. All of the above


4. When confronting the employee, be sure the following people are present:

A. The entire office

B. A third party, or an attorney or police officer

C. No one

D. The employee's friends and family


5. When an employee is terminated due to employee theft, how should this situation be shared with the office?

A. Provide copies of the police report to all employees

B. Never speak of the incident again

C. Share a sanitized version of events-take the high road and do not demean the offender

D. Ask employees what they think happened


6. Yes, the situation is a nightmare, but is it possible that it can put my practice in a better position?

A. Yes

B.  No

C. Don't know

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