BizQuiz: Are you an underearner? (Answer 7a)


Taking the BizQuiz? This is the answer to question 7 from "Are you an underearner?"

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7) A—Serious underearner.

Underearners are reverse money snobs. They often believe that anyone in their profession who makes a comfortable living must be cutting corners, providing poor-quality care, or somehow acting unethically. If you believe that a colleague can get wealthy only by selling out or exploiting others, or that being poor is a virtue, you are definitely an underearner.

Solution: It’s time again to examine the role money played when you were growing up. Did your family resent rich people? Is there someone in your life who has always played the victim in every job they’ve held? Was there a lot of comparing of lifestyles? Is it a source of pride for you to provide care for free or to discount frequently because “someone has to”? If you’re truly earning what you need to support yourself today and provide for a secure future, that’s perfect. If you’re not, consider what issues from your past influence your behaviors today. If some are holding you back, work at letting them go. Ask for help if you need to.

If you’re an underearner, the situation isn’t hopeless. Reversing the pattern is possible, but it takes introspection to understand feelings and thoughts influencing your behaviors. Remember, it’s not about money; it’s about self-worth. Your team, clients, and patients value you. It’s time for you to start, too.

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