BizQuiz: Are you an underearner (Answer 4c)


Taking the BizQuiz? This is the answer to question 4 from "Are you an underearner?"

4) C–Good earner.

Underearners are excellent avoiders, but not you. Your grab bag of tricks may include include:.

> Systems that speak for themselves so you don’t have to be “the decider” in common conflict areas such as schedules, attendance, time off, and duties

> A manual that outlines policies in clear and unambiguous language.

> Thorough job descriptions with clear reporting relationships that are regularly reviewed and updated.

Extra tip: Make sure new employees sign a letter of understanding. This isn’t a contract; it explains to new staff members what was discussed in the job offer: salary, schedule, benefit eligibility info, supervisors’ names, and any other things agreed to at the time. Place a copy in the employee’s personnel file.

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