BizQuiz: Are you a misunderstood veterinary practice manager or a bully boss? (Question 10)


This is a question in "BizQuiz: Is stationary or mobile equine veterinary practice right for you?"

10. One of your best team members tells you she needs more time with her children and she must either resign or cut back her hours. You:

A) Say, “I completely understand how you feel. How many hours are you interested in working? I don’t want to lose you so let’s try and make this work.”

B) Say, “Have you thought about day care? You shouldn’t feel guilty about working all the time, it’s what parents have to do.”

C) Send her on her way with a decent reference but withhold her final paycheck out of spite

D) After shouting a few four letter words, inform her that she doesn’t need to worry about resigning because you were going to fire her anyway, and escort her out the door

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