BizQuiz: Are you educating your veterinary team? (Answer 6B)


Taking the BizQuiz? This is the answer to question 6 of "Are you educating your veterinary team?"

6) B—Not enough

You wrangle up CE just once a year for your technicians? Like doctors, technicians should always be learning. Also like doctors, technicians need to collect CE credits to maintain their credentials. If they're only learning new medicine and techniques less than once a year, there's something wrong.

You can send your technicians back to school at CVC in Kansas City, San Diego, or Washington, D.C., or get them back in the swing of things with the free content at's Technicians Center. There are even more technician specialty certifications available than ever before.

Best of all, if you empower and educate your technicians to handle more, you can have the time to practice more sophisticated medicine and handle more challenging procedures yourself. You might even consider technician appointments, too.

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