BizQuiz: Are you educating your veterinary team? (Answer 5B)


Taking the BizQuiz? This is the answer to question 5 of "Are you educating your veterinary team?"

5) B—Not enough

Some practice owners take a negative attitude to training receptionists: "Why bother? They're going to quit soon anyway." It's not realistic to expect receptionists to stay for many, many years-although it does happen. What is realistic is expecting receptionists to provide better information and better customer service while they're behind your front desk because of the CE you provide. Practices can become very insulated with respect to front-desk efficiency and customer service, and you don't have the time to explore all the ways your waiting area and phone etiquette could be improved. Let those who talk with your clients and see their pets first do that.

Need more? Try "What's a good receptionist worth?" or "A moment of truth about your receptionist." Or explore the ways receptionists and other team members help your practice run like clockwork.

If you think this is the year for better receptionist training, you're also in luck. Firstline Live Aug. 27 to 28 at CVC in Kansas City features two exemplary experts at building teamwork and improving service: Shawn McVey and Mark Opperman. McVey will also appear at Firstline Live at CVC in San Diego Nov. 4. You can learn more here.

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