BizQuiz: Fact or fiction? Bust myths about pet care costs (Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance) Scorecard


Test yourself: Take 10 minutes and consider these 10 common insurance myths and facts. (Data based on the 2012 Advanstar Survey on Veterinary Pet Insurance; 2,349 respondents.) As you check your answers, you'll find information and resources you need to make pet insurance work for your practice and your clients. Give yourself a point for every correct answer and find out if you’re an insurance expert with the scorecard at the end of the quiz.

8 to 10 correct answers: You're an insurance expert. Way to go!

4 to 7 correct answers: Well done! You're an emerging insurance leader.

0 to 3 correct answers: No sweat. You've got this. Review the questions you missed and try again.

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