Being "in the black" not enough for financial success, veterinary advisor says


Personal finance expert Mark McGaunn, CPA, CFP, covers dos, don'ts and best practices of personal finance for veterinarians.

Learn how veterinary associates can get a leg up with practice ownership, what practice owners should focus on in improving their hospital's value, and a reminder that being "in the black" on your smartphone banking app does not a good budget make.

See all this and more as Veterinary Economics editor Brendan Howard debuts dvm360's very first Google+ Hangout on Air. This is just another part of the ongoing coverage of the year's first Leadership Challenge, tackling "an ailing profession," with data drawn from the VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health Study.VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health Study.

Special guest: Mark McGaunn, CPA, CFP, who helps medical professionals-including veterinarians-with their personal finances at McGaunn and Shwadron in the Boston area.

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