Becky Turner Chapman bids farewell to veterinary media

March 29, 2017
Kristi Reimer Fender, News Channel Director

Kristi Reimer is editor of dvm360 magazine and news channel director for Before taking over

Longtime vice president of UBMs Veterinary division retired in mid-March.

Editor's note: Becky Turner Chapman was my “top boss” when I started at this company fresh out of grad school in 2000. Things aren't the same without her in the corner office. Here is this amazing leader's goodbye to the profession.    


A rare photo of the camera-shy Becky Turner Chapman by CVC photographer Greg Kindred.Each and every day, UBM Americas, Veterinary-perhaps better known as, dvm360 magazine, the CVC conventions, Vetted and Firstline-speaks to the veterinary professionals who dedicate their careers to maximizing pet life­spans, and to the sales and marketing professionals whose companies develop products and services to do the same. Our job in fact is to connect the two, and we do that via brands fueled by our own stellar group of media and event professionals.

Today is no different, except for me. After 30 years with our group, and nearly 20 years as its leader, I have decided to retire. No easy task, I assure you, because who in their right mind would leave a market populated by passionate people and fueled by a big group hug of concern for the fuzzy kids who brighten our days and throw up on our carpets? (Lookin' at you, Marley and Pete.) 

But while I do promise to take great care of my own and aforementioned fuzzy kids, I will be turning my attention to the family and friends who've been patiently waiting for me to stop working all the time. What they probably don't fully realize is that I have a big and wonderful work family too, and that that family is awfully hard to leave behind.

Turner Chapman addressing a CVC audience.

The good news is that I leave you-our readers, visitors, attendees, advertisers, exhibitors, and sponsors-in very good hands. The group of people bringing you all of those formidable brands is as strong, smart, innovative, and awesome as ever. And they've got a new leader to take them to great new heights: Christie McFall, who was most recently with VML in Kansas City, is the new Vice President and Managing Director for UBM Americas, Veterinary.

Veterinary medicine has always seemed like a small town to me, where everyone knows everyone else, and where no one ever really leaves. From my new and unfamiliar vantage point, I certainly hope that's true, and I wish you all the best.

Becky Turner Chapman,