Basepaws unveils new genomic screening tools for veterinary teams


Encourages customized proactive care for potentially better patient outcomes

Maria Sbytova /

Maria Sbytova /

Basepaws Inc, a Zoetis company and pioneer in pet care genetics, has released a comprehensive portfolio exclusively for veterinary professionals: genetic and oral microbiome screening tools for disease risk.

According to a company release,1 Basepaws’ DNA sequencing offers more detailed and specific insights than the consumer-facing methods. Basepaws Veterinary genetic tests screen for 64 feline health markers and over 210 canine health markers related to known genetic diseases. Plus, Basepaws Veterinary oral microbiome tests examine over 600 relevant oral microbes to assess risk for the most common feline dental disease. The data collected can direct veterinarians and pet owners in choosing yearly wellness programs, routine diagnostic tests, and lifestyle changes based on a pet’s unique genetics.

“Pet genetics is ushering in an era of truly personalized and proactive medicine,” expressed Ernie Ward, DVM, Basepaws veterinary medical lead, in the release. “Knowing a pet’s genetic risk factors and oral microbiome can help eliminate many clinical blind spots and allow veterinarians to recommend targeted diagnostic monitoring and lifestyle interventions based on scientific evidence instead of generic, species- or breed-specific advice.”

Basepaws fosters ‘personalized proactive pet care’ by enabling veterinarians and pet parents to better monitor for subtle signs of illness based on a pet’s genetic risk profile. This prompts earlier interventions, potentially resulting in improved patient outcomes.

What’s more, Basepaws is launching exclusively with MWI Animal Health, a distributor of animal health products and services and a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen, to advance veterinarians’ access to their portfolio of genomic and oral microbiome screening tools.

“The pace of innovation across the animal health industry continues to accelerate. At MWI, we continue to expand our services and enhance our distribution capabilities to ensure veterinarians nationwide have timely and reliable access to products that have the potential to help pets live longer and healthier lives,” said Steve Shell, president of MWI Animal Health.1 “We are excited to work with Basepaws to provide veterinarians efficient access to the company’s new screening tools.”


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