Tips for beginners on artificial intelligence


Gary Peters, MS, founder of PupPilot shares his advice for navigating useful AI tools

In a dvm360 interview with Gary Peters, MS, founder of PupPilot, he explains tips for veterinary professionals new to artificial intelligence (AI) technology and how to shift through which tools are effective vs which are not.

Peters is speaking today about AI at our Fetch dvm360 conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Below is a partial transcript of the video.

Gary Peters, MS: I think the biggest advice that I would have for veterinarians that are starting to look at AI, is that AI is a very large field. And it's been around since the 1960s. What has happened recently, and why we're hearing so much of it in the news is that one very small aspect of AI has seen a major improvement. So I think that understanding what that improvement is—which is in the realm of transformers, which I will get my talk on—when you can turn on intuitively understand what that is, you will understand where this technology can be applied, and what is just kind of marketing hype. And I think being able to differentiate those will allow the vet to understand where can I actually apply this new technology in my practice, versus what is someone just trying to sell me on that is really not going to be able to provide an impactful change, or worst case could be damaging to my practice. And so I would hope that my talk would help establish that line of what would be safe, and what has seen a lot of innovation.

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