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Basepaws, now a part of Zoetis, is a pet health and genetics company that develops early detection health-risk tests based on genetic and oral microbiome data. We are committed to companion animal health research and are on a mission to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of genomic testing and oral microbiome profiling tools directly to veterinarians. Basepaws Veterinary genetic screening tests give veterinarians valuable insights that help identify health risks sooner and make better health possible for all dogs and cats. Basepaws pioneered feline genetics, creating the most advanced feline genetic test with 64 genetic markers, and building the world's largest feline genomic and oral microbiome database. Basepaws now offers the most comprehensive veterinary exclusive canine DNA test which screens over 240 markers indicative of genetic disease, We are leading the way in research and development by exploring the relationships between pet genetics and the oral microbiome in areas of dental, kidney, heart and gastrointestinal diseases, including GI lymphoma, dermatology and diabetes. Veterinarians can rethink what is possible with genetic testing. They can elevate care standards, get ahead of disease, practice pragmatic care and activate client engagement. To learn more visit

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