Baron Von Furry Pants named wackiest dog name of 2015


Nationwide releases annual list of 10 most unusual dog monikers.

The results of Nationwide's annual wackiest dog name contest are in and Baron Von Furry Pants has nosed out Artoo Dogtoo as the wackiest dog name of 2015, according to a company release. After the company selected its top 10 funniest names, they were put to a public vote and Baron, as he's called for short, was crowned the winner. For a gallery of all 10 wacky dog names click through the pages below. 

1. Baron Von Furry Pants

Kathy Warren's family finds the names of show-dog bloodlines entertaining so they decided it would be fun to create their own unique name when their new Labrador retriever joined the family, according to Nationwide. After studying his appearance they realized the fur on his back legs was longer than the front, making it appear he was wearing furry pants. Thus, the name Baron Von Furry Pants was created.



2. Artoo Dogtoo

Artoo Dogtoo began his life with Annette de Soto and Rahul Dodhia as a nameless foster dog. Because they already had one dog, they jokingly called him “dog two.” After fostering him for a while, they fell in love and decided to adopt him. He'd already become responsive to “dog two,” so they didn't want to change his name, but the Star Wars-loving Rahul tweaked it a bit.



3. Rosie Picklebottom

After Heather Krieger's young children had trouble suggesting a name for their new Dachshund puppy she decided to lend a hand, asking them to describe what the puppy looked like, according to the release. They decided her long body make her look like a pickle, and that her fur had a red tint, which led to the name Rosie Pickle. Krieger pointed out she had a cute puppy bottom, and the name evolved to Rosie Picklebottom.



4. Parker the Barker

Parker the Barker got his name after being rescued from a puppy mill by Ron Harken. Harken says Parker had never been away from the mill and all the change was tough on him. He barked all night, not really at anything, just barking to bark. After that night, Harken and his wife decided on his name. They liked him so much they decided to keep him.



5. Abigail Carmichael Spartacus

When Stacey Leopper picked up her new Boxer puppy she wasn't sure what to call her, but noticed all the wild bloodline names when updating the information on her American Kennel Club registration. Leopper decided to make her own using her favorite TV and movie characters. Abigail Carmichael comes from Law and Order, and Spartacus comes from the character Agador Spartacus from the movie Birdcage.



7. Smiley Cyrus

When choosing a name for her new Chihuahua, Crystal Coker noticed the puppy's ear-to-ear smile expression and starting calling her Smiley. After her sassy attitude revealed itself, the name Smiley Cyrus was born.



7. Nutmeg Spice O' Paris

A Pomeranian puppy wasn't what Becky Summers had in mind when searching for a dog, but when she was researching bulldog puppies, she realized she would have to cancel her trip to Paris to afford one. Summers' mom, who breeds Pomeranians, stepped in and offered her a puppy. She came up with “Nutmeg Spice,” after the color of the small dog's coat, and the “O' Paris” as a play on her bloodline. Summers' mom's dogs are of the O' Paradise dynasty.



8.Abraham Lincoln Continental

The Catahoula-husky mix that Ryan Cockrell adopted had been raised by a family that named him “Linkin,” after the band Linkin Park, and he already responded to it. But Cockrell wasn't a fan of the band's music. After playing around with a few names, he decided to mix American presidential and automotive themes. He liked the word play and decided to stick with it.



9. Bizkit Au Chocolat

The female chocolate Labrador retriever puppy Kathy Kolder brought home was originally named “Biscuit Au Chocolat,” because Kolder loves Paris and wanted the name to have French flair. When she realized her small son couldn't pronounce the name properly she decided to Americanize it a bit and the puppy's name evolved to Bizkit Au Chocolat to include her son's version.



10. Scuddles Unterfuss

Natalie Ann Young and Robert Lambert were looking for a  puppy after the death of their longtime family schnauzer and found a tiny miniature schnauzer living in terrible conditions in a pet store. A visit to the veterinarian revealed he was ill and had to be quarantined until he was healthy. Once released he was so excited to see people he would fall down and scuttle around on the floor. The couple started calling him “Scuddles,” and after he followed them around constantly, they added the “Unterfuss,” which is German for under foot.


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