Bad Reviews Can (Sometimes) Be Removed From Yelp

VMD Staff

Many practice owners know that bad reviews on online sites like Yelp can lead to business failure. But did you know that some negative reviews can be removed if requested? Here’s what to look for.

Many practice owners have been there — you log on to your computer in the morning and see an email in your inbox from Yelp. Looks like someone gave your practice a review! But wait, is that only one star?

Your first reaction may be to yell at your computer screen, respond to the reviewer to explain “what really happened” or email Yelp begging for the bad review to be removed from your practice page.

If the negative review is from a real client who has a legitimate complaint, you will have to deal with it head on. But there are many situations in which client reviews can be flagged for removal by practice owners.

This infographic can help you identify the types of reviews that you may be able to remove from your practice page on Yelp, as well as how to go about removing it.

Remove Negative Reviews Guide from ReviewPush.