Baby fat: Pet obesity on the rise in new-baby households


A new study says that new parents are more likely to have overweight pets.

All of your veterinary clients should watch their pets' weight—especially if they’ve just had a new baby. Pet obesity is growing at the highest rate in households where a new baby is present, according to data released by Flexcin International. The data shows that new parents represent the fastest-growing demographic inquiring about dog-joint health issues relating to pet obesity. Here are some statistics that may explain your patient's pooch:

  • 78 percent of new parents said their dog was able to freely eat food that dropped from the baby’s highchair.
  • 68 percent said they paid less attention to their dog's food portions.
  • 65 percent said they had less time for dog walks or didn’t feel comfortable bringing the dog during baby stroller walks.

Remind pet owners that overfeeding can be extremely dangerous to their pets' health. When dogs and cats gain just a few pounds, the extra weight adds significant stress to their frame, which can lead to joint pain and arthritis. Click here for ways to raise awareness among your clients and team members about pet obesity.

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