The Associate Shortage: A dvm360 Spotlight Series


Many veterinary hospitals are struggling to find associate veterinarians right now. Learn more about what and why, find three hiring strategies and see how one hospital group is finding talented DVMs to work.

Our dvm360 Spotlight Series look at a major issue, roadblock or hot topic from a number of angles-from news to medicine to business, and for practice owners to team members. This one considers the current associate shortage. Salaries are rising, applicants have all the power, and managers and practice owners are fighting to find and keep warm bodies in America's exam rooms and treatment areas. What's going on, what's being done to hire needed doctors, and how long will this hiring bubble last?


‘DVM needed': A look at the associate veterinarian shortage

A combination of factors has created an environment where there are more veterinary positions than doctors to fill them. Here's some insight from both perspectives-the clinic's and the candidate's.



Can't find an associate? Adopt these three hiring strategies right now

Veterinary recruiting is as intensely competitive as it's ever been. Step up your game or get left in the dust.



Veterinary recruiting: How one hospital group makes it work

O'Brien Veterinary Group invests in the long game and the short game to fill its need for DVMs.

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