Ask Katie: Veterinary pharmacy woes


Katie Adams, CVPM, counsels a veterinary team member concerned about threats to the practice's pharmacy business.

shutterstock.comQ: Are practices concerned about the potential effect of the Amazon/JP Morgan/Berkshire healthcare program? Will this affect their pharmacy licensing and competition from another online, low-cost resource?

A: I can appreicate the frustration that comes with having another (insert eye roll) competitor in the veterinary pharmacy space. Disclaiming and price matching already eats into our team's precious time. That said, this “threat” has been around for more than a decade and should only be considered a mere annoyance. Gone are the days of our pharmacies being meaningful revenue centers for our practices. They exist now to provide a convenience for our clients and ready access to drugs and supplies so we can provide exceptional care for our patients.

Our focus must now be on new services and exceptional client and patient care. Those are things that Amazon, JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire can't provide.


Katie Adams, CVPM, is director of Curriculum Development at IGNITE Veterinary Solutions. Got a question for Katie? Email us at

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