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How to handle team members' underwear issues.

Some of our younger team members wear thongs, and their uniform pants ride so low their thongs are visible. We see underwear all day, every day. It's totally unprofessional. We've made several comments to them, but to no avail. Is this a problem elsewhere? -Blinded

Dear Blinded:

There are days when the fashion police could fill a mall with the faux pas that surround our profession. No, you're not alone. And while individuality is an important quality in team members, so is professionalism. When derriere cleavage becomes part of the clinic landscape, it's time for a uniform intervention. If a few pointed requests haven't gotten the message across, send offenders home to change and return wearing the uniform the way it's outlined by your policy. If you don't have a uniform policy, write one. Click here for a sample policy.

A uniform unifies your team and conveys confidence to clients, which is important since few clients see your magnificent behind-the-scenes work when their pet is getting its teeth cleaned or undergoing laboratory testing. Bottom line, no pun intended, clients come to your practice to see professionals care for their pets, not to see underpants. -Amy

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