Arkansas veterinarian bitten by rabid dog


Carl Fulton, DVM, has been treated and made a full recovery from the exposure.

A dog with rabies bit Carl Fulton, DVM, a veterinarian who practices in Greenbrier, Arkansas, in July, according to a local TV news station. After a friendly greeting in an exam room, the dog snapped at Fulton, biting his left hand. The dog's owner then told him the dog wasn't vaccinated for rabies.

The dog was placed under observation, showed signs of having the virus and was eventually euthanized. Testing confirmed illness in both the dog and Fulton. Eleven others were also exposed to rabies through the dog's saliva, Fulton told Fox 16 News. However, everyone has been treated, and Fulton has made a full recovery.

Officials emphasize the importance of vaccinating pets against rabies and caution against coming into contact with wild animals, like bats or skunks, exhibiting atypical behavior. 

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