Animal health week kicks off in Kansas City; CVC previews new identity

August 25, 2017
Kristi Reimer Fender, News Channel Director

Kristi Reimer is editor of dvm360 magazine and news channel director for Before taking over

Corridor spanning much of Kansas and Missouri is home to 300-plus animal health companies, including leading veterinary conference.

Veterinarians, team members and industry leaders are converging this week in Kansas City-the hub of the Animal Health Corridor-for a number of events beginning with CVC Kansas City this weekend and continuing with the Corridor's annual Homecoming dinner and Animal Health Investment Forum early next week.

The Corridor, a consortium of animal health companies located in the geographic area that ranges from central Kansas east to eastern Missouri, is home to more than 300 animal health companies, the largest concentration in the world, Corridor representatives say. These companies represent 56 percent of total worldwide animal health, diagnostics and pet food sales and are working to solve issues such as world hunger and the spread of zoonotic disease.

The work these companies are doing-along with their impact on local economies and public health worldwide-is “worth noting; it is worth being proud of,” said Kim Young, Corridor president, during a press conference Friday.

Christie McFall, vice president of UBM Animal Care, announces CVC's new identity as Fetch: a dvm360 conference, during an Animal Health Corridor press event.Representatives from CVC, the veterinary conference put on by the dvm360 team and UBM Animal Care, were on hand during the media event with an announcement of their own. “Today I'm excited to announce big news for CVC-a new name, a bolder vision and a changed experience for our future,” said Christie McFall, UBM Animal Care's vice president and general manager. “Are you ready? CVC is now Fetch, a dvm360 conference.”

Fetch will deliver a “360-degree educational engagement experience” that focuses on all facets of a veterinary professional's life, McFall said. “With UBM's support, we're going to help the people who care for pets in new and innovative ways.”

CVC, dvm360 and UBM are honored to work collaboratively with the Animal Health Corridor, McFall continued. Kansas City has been home to CVC for the last 29 years, and this year organizers are expecting 5,500 people for the conference. The economic impact on Kansas City will total $5 million, McFall said.

More details about the Fetch rebranding, which also includes a new look and feel for dvm360, will be revealed Sunday at the CVC Block Party, according to conference representatives. The changes being announced this week in Kansas City will be implemented more fully at CVC San Diego Dec. 7-10, 2017, continuing throughout 2018.

On Tuesday, the Animal Health Corridor will host emerging animal health companies from around the world at the Animal Health Investment Forum, a Shark Tank-like event that pairs animal health startups with executives and investors. Other Corridor events include the annual Market Insights Seminar, which focuses on pet owner trends and veterinary practice ownership models, and the Homecoming dinner, one of the most exclusive gatherings of animal health CEOs and industry leaders worldwide, according to Corridor leaders. Both events are on Monday.