And then the pet owner forgot to bring her dog with her to the clinic


Veterinary practice has its moments. Here are the funniest stories our readers have experienced at work. Spoiler: Responses containyou guessed itlots of fecal test fisacos.

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If you keep up with veterinary industry social media, you've likely seen a Tumblr post by user sarahsquarah about a veterinary client who came to the clinic without her dog. It reads, “So this lady came in this morning and walked up to the front desk to greet us before gasping loudly and saying, ‘I forgot my dog.' She forgot to bring her dog with her. To the vet.” 

It made us smile, and wonder what other funny things have happened, so we asked followers of our Instagram account: “What's the funniest thing you've witnessed at your veterinary clinic?” And the responses were gold. If you need a little chuckle in your day, read through the stories below.

@ivanka_juran: A woman once came into our clinic with four children in tow. She asked us if we did vaccines and we said yes. She then pointed at her children and looked at us expectantly. We had to tell her that no, we could not vaccinate her children, just her pets. 

@hila_hunt: I would also do that. Do you know how many times I've left my dog at work and had to drive all the way back?! 

@_laura_mae_: Someone submitted their kid's poop for a fecal test and claimed it was their dog's because she didn't want to pay for it at the human doctor.

@davidsgirl4evr: A woman asked for a fecal sample cup so she could bring it to her doctor and get herself tested for pinworms.

@meagzi24: I once had a lady call and ask for pricing to de-sex her female cat. I advised her of the price and mentioned there would be a surcharge if the cat was pregnant. She said there was no way her cat could be pregnant as she didn't let her out at nighttime. ?

@fleurdemaus: My friend's mum drove to a dog show, with a packed car (brushes, lead, crate, table), but-you guessed it-left the dog behind. 

@rose_m_89: Happened here too. We couldn't help but laugh. Or people call asking about their own appointment after we greet them on the phone and say the name of our ANIMAL hospital.

@annette.buchner: A gentleman came in late one night with no appointment and said he had found an injured deer. I started to explain that we are a small animal practice and are not licensed to treat wildlife, at which point he told me it was outside in the back of his van. And it was.

@hannuh.solo: When people have an unaltered brother and sister pair of dogs and say "No, they wouldn't do that, they're brother and sister." 

@jandvm92: An owner told me that I didn't need to test her cat for FIV because “she don't have sex” 

@nevermore27: The pet owner liked to give her ferret kisses on his belly button. We had to tell her that was actually his penis.

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