All decked out for "howl"oween

October 7, 2016
Mindy Valcarcel, Editor, Medicine Channel Director
Mindy Valcarcel, Editor, Medicine Channel Director

Mindy Valcarcel is the Medicine Channel Director for, Vetted and dvm360 magazine.

A preview of what might be walking into your veterinary clinic this month.

Pet costumes have come a long way. There are almost as many options today as there are for people. We couldn't resist picking a few of our favorites from, and, but costumes aplenty are available from many sites online. (We just hope there aren't any wardrobe malfunctions, such as consumed accessories, necessitating difficult-yet entertaining-foreign body removal in your veterinary clinic.) And we would love to see pics of your patients-or your own pets-suited up for the festivities. Just email us at

(Image from, aren't you!

If our pets are indeed a reflection of ourselves, you're a genius to dress your dog up as Einstein.


(Image from

Talk about an Elizabethan collar!

Called the Artistocrat Cat Costume, we think Bill Shakespeare might be inspired to write a few sonnets if your cat dons this grand garb.


(Image from

Teenage mutant ninja Myrtle

Those in the know know this one is Michelangelo. This costume is perfect for the dog who loves pizza-hold the onions! (And, come on, Myrtle is a cute name for a dog.)


(Image from

Feline minion

As if any cat would deign be a minion. But Halloween is a time to live out your fantasies, like cats that will do your bidding.


(Image from

Beetlejuice? Sounds yummy!

You know calling your dog's name three times will bring him around. He's been rehearsing this role for years!


(Image from bark

Triceratops. Admit it, it's your favorite dinosaur. Now your dog can morph into one for the night, no DNA splicing necessary.


(Image from


Another Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Really? Well, at least you can get reuse out of your own lovable costumed character for years to come, with Pirates of Caribbean 6, 7, 8, 9 ….


(Image from

AT-AT what point did you realize editors are complete nerds?

Live in colder climes? Get out your Star Wars action figures, and you can totally re-enact the opening of the Empire Strikes Back with your dogs. If you do, please send us pics. Please.