9 apps we wish we had

September 30, 2016
Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director
Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director

Portia Stewart is a pun-loving editor who spends her days arguing the differences between cats and commas (commas are a pause at the end of a clause, while cats have the claws at the end of the paws). She is a minion to two cats and a dog.

As phone apps have gone from interesting to essential in our daily lives, we take a moment to imagine the best veterinary apps of the futureand how they might help tackle your toughest challenges in practice.

From the slightly out of reach to the out-of-this world, here's a look at the apps that could make your work life less work.

1. iComply: The client compliance reinforcer

Delivers alerts and warnings to clients who fail to comply with your medical recommendations for their pets. If three or more alerts are ignored, the app uses the phone to deliver mild electric shocks to the pet owner.

This app uses in-app purchases and can be customized to allow you to charge clients for bad behaviors, including missing flea and tick and heartworm preventives and skipping appointments without calling ahead to cancel. An add-on still in beta testing may eventually allow the practice to withhold the pet owner's food and water if the client fails to comply with your nutritional directives for their pet.

2. Time-Turner

Like Hermione's magical time piece in the fantastical world of Harry Potter, this time app allows the user to time travel backward up to five hours and accomplish more tasks in each day.


3. uHire

Can read the minds of job applicants and weed out candidates who aren't qualified or have a poor work ethic. Also blocks these users from reapplying.




4. Divert: The difficult client behavior changer

Zaps all of clients' arguments and objections with the care you need to offer their pets and replaces them with compliments and praise. This app uses in-app purchases. Add-on features available:

• After-hours mode: Eliminates nonemergency after-hours calls

• Compliance mode: Ensures all clients arrive on time with all requested paperwork, fecal samples, etc.

5. Pay Boost: The do more, earn more app

Tracks your daily work and automatically gives you a pay boost every time you perform an activity that generates extra income or saves the practice money.


6. Doctor Director

Automatically mutes the doctor before he or she says/yells anything that potentially damages your professional relationship. Also features an option to convert all words and phrases to barks, meows, hisses and whines.



7. iCommunicate

Locks the team member's phone every time the team member fails to effectively communicate. To unlock, the user must have the crucial conversation he or she has been avoiding.


8. iValue: The client cost calculator

Generates an automatic expense report for pet owners that demonstrates the cost to the practice to offer the high-quality service and care you provide. Has a built-in timer that calculates the extra time and effort you spend on difficult clients and charges them extra for the additional services provided. Adds a $15 surcharge to any client who brings advice from Dr. Google.

9. Team member translator

Designed with a built-in bullsh!t detector, this app takes what your team members have said and translates it into what they really mean. For example, "No, I really don't mind staying late to clean the kennels all by myself" becomes "I really resent this and Ima find a passive aggressive way to show it later."


What apps do you wish you had? Tell us in the comments below! (You must be signed in to comment.)