6 ways to become an all-star employee


The heat of summer has settled in. So why not follow suit and heat things up at work? Follow these tips for stepping up and getting noticed in your practice.

1 Show you're ready to contribute to the practice in more meaningful ways by telling your manager you want to help wherever needed. Caveat: Mean it and follow through.

2 Keep managers informed of your positive progress on projects. This increases the chance your name will come up when new opportunities arise.

3 Arrive at work rested and prepared. This simple act speaks to your reliability. So when a manager needs someone to turn to, you'll be at the forefront.

4 Volunteer to update the practice bulletin board, create client handouts, or organize a team-building event. Such efforts set you apart and show your initiative.

5 Keep your scrubs or uniform clean and hole-free. Walk confidently and speak assuredly. Your professional appearance and behavior will reflect well on your capabilities.

6 Deliver what you promise and what you've been assigned to do. If for some reason you can't, admit it. Your manager will respect your honesty.

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