4 signs you're working for a bully


You could damage your career by working for a boss who pushes you around.

Work can be miserable if you don't get along with your co-workers. But run-ins with your boss can be even worse, according to Sandy Hershcovis, a researcher at the University of Manitoba. Hershcovis reviewed 110 studies on workplace aggression and found that bullying bosses can harm employees' job satisfaction, increase stress, and cause turnover.

Here are four signs you're working for a bully, according to Robert Sutton, author of “The No-A**hole Rule”:

1. Your boss screams at you. Rage-aholics tend to lose their tempers, yell at employees, and hurl insults.

2. Your boss gives you the evil eye. The Glarer stares at employees and makes no attempt to hide contempt.

3. Your boss says, “Just kidding,” a lot. Jokesters tease employees in a mean-spirited manner, then claim it's just for laughs.

4. Your boss talks behind your back. The Sabotager is nice to your face but undermines you as soon as you leave the room.

To avoid working for a bully, look for signs during your job interview, Sutton says. Watch for how the manager interacts and talks with employees.

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