3 products to train up your team

September 5, 2017

These products will give you the tools to put your best team effort forward at the clinic each day.

For better communication-Team Meeting in a Box

Whether you're the practice manager, a technician, a receptionist, a veterinarian or a team leader, you'll find all the tools you need to hold successful team training-from lesson plans and scripts to activities and client handouts to make each program easy to implement and market to pet owners. Topics range from clinical-diabetes management and stress reduction in dogs to name a few-to personal improvement, such as mental health matters.

For better clinical skills-VetReaLifeSim

Have no fear of blood draws with VetReaLifeSim. The simulator helps teach and assess clinical and communication skills in a variety of simulated clinical environments through lifelike skin and vein materials. It's designed to provide opportunities to practice drawing blood or starting an IV on a live or simulated animal, taking guesswork or nerves out of the equation. VetReaLifeSim comes in a variety of sizes to fit equine, bovine, ovine, feline and canine patients.

For a better you-Live training at Fetch, a dvm360 conference

Live CE at Fetch, a dvm360 conference for technicians, managers and receptionists, as well as veterinarians, can't be beat. Take advantage of flexible registration options to help best manage your precious time away from your practice. At Fetch you'll find inspiring and highly educational sessions, workshops, and courses that are all about you and the work you do with a schedule built to maximize your opportunity to earn CE, with more than 450 hours of sessions over four days-all in an atmosphere that will relax and rejuvenate you. Choose from single- and multi-day options and register early for best savings.