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3 Must-sees on veterinary professionals with fascinating hobbies


3 videos highlighting veterinary professionals' passions when they clock out of work

Have you ever wondered what veterinary professionals do when they are not at the clinic? We have spotlighted 3 individuals with unique hobbies they engage in outside of veterinary medicine to give you a look into their worlds while showcasing their additional talents.

From a comedian veterinary technician to a veterinary instructor poet—there's something for everyone. Happy watching!

  1. Connecting pet parents and veterinary professionals through comedy: Walter Brown, RVTg, VTS, ECC, shared his inspiration for pursuing a comedy career, plus the benefits of this outlet for veterinary medicine.
  2. Veterinary instructor and poet: Phyllis Cassano, DVM, explained when her love for poetry first blossomed, highlighted some of her work, and divulged more about her writing passion.
  3. Veterinary meets realty: How one veterinarian conquers 2 different passions: Along with working in an animal clinic, Xander Simunek, DVM, BEc, described the details of also being a realtor who flips houses.

To check out more healthcare professionals with fascinating hobbies, go here.

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