3 Cs of a team-friendly veterinary practice


Veterinary team members need these three things to thrive at work.

A comfortable environment is key to healthy work relationships and an inspired team. People need these three things to thrive at work:

1. Challenges. Some of you have been somewhere longer than 10 years, and you might not feel challenged anymore. Take the initiative: Look for solutions to problems in the practice. Ask for new things to do. Go learn!

2. Control. You must have some control or influence over where the practice is going. Ask your practice manager or owner if you can help create personal and practice goals.

3. Commitment. People need to feel committed. When things get hard, managers should ask team members whether they're committed to the practice's goals. You can almost always see lack of commitment when you ask the question. Team members will hesitate. They will look down and to the left. To change that, show them that you're committed to the practice's vision, and ask for input from team members in making that vision a reality.

Does your practice offer those three Cs? Ask yourself what changes you can make to create a healthier work environment. Take control of your work life, and you'll take an important step toward making your job a career.

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