10 common bad boss behaviors


No matter the shape or size of your practice, odds are you share boss-related annoyances with other team members.

Team members at veterinary practices everywhere work with managers who occasionally:

  • Get impatient with team members and clients.

  • Exhibit a demanding demeanor.

  • Expect things to be done almost before they ask.

  • Talk to you about what other team members did wrong or need to do differently.

  • Request that team members do personal favors.

  • Want team members to take sides during squabbles or differences in opinion.

  • Ask team members to lie to clients and colleagues for them.

  • Deny that there are problems in the practice.

  • Play the blame game by saying that high team turnover is due to the poor pool of applicants, for instance.

  • Don't take action and allow small problems to snowball into avalanches.
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Angela Elia, BS, LVT, CVT, VTS (ECC)
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