Firstline November/December 2020

Sheep No More: Apply Critical Thinking to the Veterinary Nursing Process

November 03, 2020

As technicians, following directions is part of the job. Mindlessly carrying out orders is not. Veteran technician Megan Brashear shares how analyzing information to make informed decisions can take you from compliant to competent.

Ask Emily: What is the best way to start forward booking?

October 28, 2020

Are you afraid of forward booking? Do you think it comes off as too pushy or intrusive? Dentists have successfully practiced this strategy for years. One obvious benefit: a sense of security that your client will return to your practice.

Crate expectations: Realistic strategies for postoperative confinement

October 05, 2019

When your veterinary patient requires crate rest to heal from surgery or injury, make sure to educate owners about the challengesand be ready with strategies to make the process manageable for both pet and people.