Sarah Mouton Dowdy

Sarah Mouton Dowdy, a former associate content specialist for, is a freelance writer and editor in Kansas City, Missouri.


Parasites are playing in America’s dog parks

Research reveals there may be worse things lurking in your local dog park than inattentive pet owners: namely, intestinal parasites and lots of them. Learn what this means for your veterinary practice and neighborhood.

Delving into DEA regulations for veterinary practices

Should every veterinarian in your practice that handles controlled substances register with the Drug Enforcement Administration? Is anyone exempt? What are the rules for relief DVMs? Get advice on these and other DEA regulatory issues.

Snap judgments: Aggression problem or medical condition?

Understanding the intersection between common clinical issues and primary behavioral concerns in dogs.

It’s time to act on tooth fractures

Sticks and stones may break your veterinary patients’ teeth, but these words (from you) can really hurt them: “Let’s keep an eye on it.”