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Sarah Mouton Dowdy

Sarah Mouton Dowdy, a former associate content specialist for, is a freelance writer and editor in Kansas City, Missouri.


Ear we go again: Improve your otitis diagnostics

As one of the top reasons dogs come into your veterinary clinic, you certainly get a lot of practice diagnosing otitis. But because practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, veterinary dermatologist Dr. Ashley Bourgeois shares her solutions to some common diagnostic conundrums.

Vaccine aims to nip FIP in the bud

Researchers from Colorado State University want to stop feline enteric coronavirus before it has a chance to mutate into feline infectious peritonitis.

3 client education opportunities during otitis exams

Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Ashley Bourgeois shares how to bend clients’ ears while you’re examining the ones on their pets.

The anatomy of a better quality-of-life conversation

Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice cofounder Dr. Mary Gardner breaks the daunting discussion into thoughtful categories that ideally result in a more informed, less burdensome decision.